Digital Audio ABS&Aluminum&Brass Parts And Sandblasting For Japan Customer

In March 2019, we met this Japan customer.Please continue to read our story.

First of all, we provided samples to Japan customer. Because his products are ABS parts, which belong to appearance parts, and the sales volume of customers' products is relatively stable, so after receiving the samples, the Japan customer feedback that the samples are acceptable, and then directly place 100 sets.

For appearance parts, we will be very careful in packing, using water-proof, moisture-proof, environmental protection, and edge protection corner protection pearl cotton packaging.Therefore, our ABS parts for Japanese customers are packed with pearl cotton and packed in wooden cases.

'We are very satisfied with your parts quality,we will place an order to you again.Good quality and good service!'

We have cooperated with Japan customer for one and a half years, and we have stable orders every month, which is a kind of affirmation and encouragement to us - to encourage us to go further together.

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