Coffee Machine FSC Walnut Handles And Brass&PTFE Parts For UK Customer

In June 2019, we knew the UK customer from Alibaba. Please continue to read our story.

On July 1, 2019

We start to send walnut handle sample first.

On July 5, 2019

When the UK customer received the sample of walnut handle, he said’ we are very happy with what you have sent us, because the quality is high, and the surface finish is great.’ And he placed ordere us 400 walnut handles directly.

In addition, he continued to want us to provide samples of brass parts and PTFE parts,samples photos as follow:

July 2019 - July 2020

We cooperated with UK customer for 200 sets, 400 sets, spring samples, 400 stainless steel parts, 400 sets, 1200 sets and other orders. When we cooperated with 200 sets for the first time, because the surface of brass parts will be oxidized without any surface treatment, we suggest that customers nickel the brass parts, which will protect the appearance of the parts. The customer finally reached an agreement with us, so the silver parts are actually nickel plated brass parts. And each cooperation will let UK customer have a better understanding of our product quality and service.

After UK customer's feedback on walnut handle surface problems, we suggest to spray a layer of paint after waxing oil on the surface to achieve the effect of waterproof and friction resistance of walnut handle, and finally confirm with the customer and get the customer's very satisfied feedback on the product.

Let's share with you the feedback from the UK customer:

‘Fantastic!!!’, ‘Perfect!!!’, ‘The quality is very good!!!’

‘It’s really such a please to have you as one of our suppliers.It always puts a smile on my face’

‘Fantastic!!!’, ‘Perfect!!!’, ‘The quality is very good!!!’

‘I’m very impressed with the speedy,quality and fiexibility of this company,really excellent!!’

We use our professional processing knowledge to quickly solve product problems encountered by customers, product quality, competitive price, after-sales service and other factors to win the trust of customers. Now we have established a stable long-term cooperative relationship with UK customers.

At the same time, we hope that we can help more customers to complete their customized machining parts.

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